Game presentation

Ladybirds massacre has been created during the Ludum Dare game jam (LD33).
This is a very short but hard to play 3D video game. The hardest point is the 3rd person's view.
You will have to guide your bait, using arrow keys, right to the carnivorous plant. Be careful to not waste its ladybird's meal.
You don't die if you lost them but you won't pass to the next stage until you succeed.

Technical details

The game has been created with Blender Game Engine in 12 hours. It has been tested on Ubuntu, MacOS & Windows 10.


Am I a monster ? Don't waste my food'


Here is the available platforms for Leeks vs Shotgun !

Windows Linux MacOS

Source code

This game has been published under open source license (GPL v3).


Created by Céline Libéral & Zoé Belleton. Download icons came from Font Awesome created by Dave Gandy.