Game presentation

Eraser is a platformer & reflexion game created during the Ludum Dare game jam (LD32).
In 15 seconds, you will have to access the sheet hole without being catched by drawn monsters.
The eraser will alow you to delete all obstacles but ghost that live in a different plan.
The game is composed of 10 levels with growing difficulty.
Arrow keys allow you to move the character and the mouse left-click can erase enemies or obstacles.

Technical details

The game has been originally created with C++ / SDL2. It has been tested on Ubuntu, openSuSe, MacOS X & Windows 7.
The HTML 5 version has been created later and was tested on Firefox & Safari.


Start screen In-game view


Here is the available platforms for Valentine Quest !

HTML 5 Windows Linux MacOS

Source code

This game has been published under open source license (GPL v3).

HTML 5 C++ / LD32

Created by Céline Libéral & Zoé Belleton. Download icons came from Font Awesome created by Dave Gandy.