Game presentation

Valentine Quest is a platformer game. During the Valentine's Day, bad monsters have captured a man and a woman of each Xyalndia's race. You will have to help each of them to escape by capturing hearts to open your jail's door.
To control your character, you have to use arrow keys.

Technical details

The game has been originally created with C++ / SDL2. It has been tested on Ubuntu, ArchLinux, MacOS X & Windows 7.
The HTML 5 version has been created later and was tested on Firefox & Safari.


Splashscreen In-game view 1 In-game view 2


Here is the available platforms for Valentine Quest !

HTML 5 Windows Linux MacOS

Source code

This game has been published under open source license (GPL v3).

HTML 5 C++

Created by Céline Libéral & Zoé Belleton. Download icons came from Font Awesome created by Dave Gandy.